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Best Crypto to Buy Today 6 March – FGHT, MKR, METRO, IMX, CCHG, TARO

Shares of cryptocurrency-related firms, including Coinbase Global, Signature Bank, and Ebang International plunged during premarket trading following Silvergate Capital’s decision to discontinue its cryptocurrency payment network, SEN. Amid the current rough patch in the cryptocurrency market caused by the Silvergate crisis, what are the best cryptos to buy today?

The La Jolla, California-based bank attributed the decision to a risk-based approach to keep its business viable. As a result, it lost several big names in the crypto space as partners, leading to a general crypto market selloff that saw Bitcoin and Ethereum prices tanking 4.8% and 4.7%, respectively, in the previous week.

As Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve, prepares to deliver two rounds of testimony before Congress’ House Financial Services Committee, the macroeconomic environment continues to heat up as well.

Investors are carefully monitoring his words on future economic policy and interest rates as we await the Fed’s decision on a benchmark rate hike in two weeks’ time. To conclude this busy week in economics news, investors will also be paying close attention to nonfarm payroll data and remarks from Japan’s bank official.

This month, the sentiment on cryptocurrency markets is rapidly transitioning from a bullish optimism to one of neutrality. According to the Crypto Fear & Greed Index, this stance appears to be edging closer and closer towards “fear” from “neutral.”

BTC’s price entered a consolidation phase over the weekend, with very little volatility witnessed in the market. However, market players are anticipating that this may change in the coming days due to the aforementioned macroeconomic data releases.

Amidst the current crisis at Silvergate Capital and with these upcoming macroeconomic data releases, investors are understandably concerned about the potential impact on the cryptocurrency market.

It is, therefore, more important than ever to carefully consider both fundamental and technical analyses when selecting investment options. Based on these analyses, there are several cryptocurrencies that appear to be among the best cryptos to buy today, including FGHT, MKR, METRO, IMX, CCHG, and TARO.

Why Fight Out Packs a Punch for Investors

Fight Out is set to become a game-changer in the fitness industry by leveraging Web3 and sophisticated move-to-earn (M2E) technology. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, many are looking for ways to stay healthy and fit in a post-lockdown world.

With high gym fees, lack of motivation, and no personalized workout plans, many people struggle to maintain their fitness regimen.

Fight Out aims to solve these issues with its cutting-edge M2E app, fitness coin, and gym network. By combining Move-to-Earn technology with Web3, Fight Out offers a unique platform that motivates users to maintain their fitness regimen while earning rewards in the form of REPS tokens.

Fight Out’s M2E app offers personalized workout plans that cater to the individual needs of each user. The app tracks your progress, offering feedback and recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals. The REPS tokens earned through the app can be exchanged for gym memberships, merchandise, and app subscriptions.″/>

The Fight Out gym network is set to launch in Q4 2023, and it promises to offer something unique to the fitness industry. The gym will be equipped with Web3 technology, including digital mirrors and sensors that monitor workouts for personalized advice. Users will also have access to a community-driven platform that fosters a goal-oriented approach to fitness.

Fight Out is also set to become the leader in the Web3 sports market. With partnerships with UFC and other leading athletes, Fight Out’s metaverse features will allow fans to compete with each other and their favorite athletes. Users will be able to create their avatars and challenge others in the metaverse, earning in-app tokens along the way.

Fight Out’s presale for its FGHT token has so far raised nearly $5.2 million and shows no signs of slowing down, making it one of the best cryptos to buy today as it prepares for launch.

Visit Fight Out Now

Maker (MKR)

Maker (MKR) has outshone other cryptocurrencies in the top 100 list recently, having surged by 21% over the last seven days, while major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced a bearish trend. The recent upward trend in MKR’s price is an indication of the increasing interest in the platform, which allows users to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies without a centralized intermediary.

The boost in MKR’s price is attributed to the revised executive vote poll results from Maker, introducing a new pricing model and a hike in the debt limit from 5 million DAI to 10 million DAI.

After yesterday’s 10.10% move, MKR’s price is trading below the immediate resistance area of $949 to $981 at $941 with a loss of 2.52% so far today.

If MKR’s price succeeds in retaking this level, the next potential target is the area between $1048 to $1074. Immediate support may be found at the current swing low of $822 to $838 with the 20-day EMA trailing at $818.

As decentralized finance continues to gain investor attention, platforms such as Maker are likely to see a rise in demand, leading to a potential increase in MKR’s price in the long term. However, for more potential short to medium term gains, Metropoly is a great alternative investment.

Metropoly’s Real Estate NFTs a “Fraction” of the Cost

Metropoly’s real estate NFT marketplace is gaining traction in the crypto investment community. The platform offers investors the opportunity to invest in income-generating properties without the traditional barriers of credit checks, high down payments, mortgages, or paperwork requirements.

Investors can enjoy passive income through automated rental payments, and Metropoly’s real-time analytics and data make managing investments more accessible for investors. The platform’s instant liquidity is also a unique feature, allowing investors to sell their properties for 70% of the price immediately or go for an auction to get the highest bid.″/>

The NFTs on the platform are backed by physical properties, with each NFT representing a fraction of the property. This makes Metropoly’s NFT marketplace a unique offering in the real estate investment space.

Metropoly’s beta version is now live, showcasing the platform’s vision for the future. The platform’s partnership with ChainAdoption, Tenset, and more than 20 crypto influencers has helped raise its profile in the crypto investment community.

The platform’s low-barrier entry point of $100 makes it an attractive option for crypto investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios, with its real estate NFTs offering a hedge against inflation while offering monthly rental income and benefits from long-term value appreciation.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced investor, the presale of Metropoly offers an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this new market. Current investments have already totaled nearly $600K and METRO, with prices raising over the course of 9 stages, making METRO one of the best cryptos to buy today before its price rises again.

Visit Metropoly Now

ImmutableX (IMX)

Immutable X (IMX) has shown resilience in its price movements in the recent market downturn, as it bounced back from the 50-day EMA of $0.88 on March 3 to close above the 20-day EMA of $1, indicating strong buying pressure at lower levels.

Looking ahead, the IMX price may encounter resistance at $1.12, where the bears could potentially step in and push the prices lower. However, if buyers manage to push through, it could gain momentum and surge toward a significant hurdle at $1.247 to $1.290. This level is critical to observe as breaking and closing above it could signal the start of a new uptrend, with IMX prices potentially rising to $1.60.

IMX is currently trading at $1.08 with a loss of 0.5% for the day. A further drop from this level would suggest that the bears are still in control.

Sellers could then try to pull the cryptocurrency below the 20-day EMA at $1 and take charge. If successful, IMX’s price could fall to the area between $0.870 to $0.888, which coincides with the 50-day EMA at $0.890.

On the 4-hour chart, the price is fluctuating between $0.92 and $1.12, with significant trading activity near the support and resistance. The range-bound price action can be erratic and unpredictable so traders are advised to wait for a breakout confirmation before placing any positions.

C+Charge: A Shockingly Simple Solution to a Big Problem

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity, so does the need for charging infrastructure. C+Charge is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to help with this by improving the EV charging and payment experience.

With an innovative approach to sustainable energy, C+Charge aims to provide EV owners with a seamless, efficient, and environmentally-friendly charging experience.

The company plans to build new charging stations while also working with existing ones, enabling customers to find nearby charging stations quickly and pay with the CCHG token.

The blockchain technology behind CCHG ensures transparent and efficient payment processing, and the platform’s app provides real-time information on local charging options and vehicle diagnostics.

EV owners using the platform will also receive Goodness Native Tokens (GNT) carbon credits. These tokens represent verified voluntary carbon credits that can be traded on the app, and they are backed by major venture capital firms like a16z and Invesco.″/>

C+Charge’s presale is divided into eight stages, with each stage lasting a week before the price increases. The presale has so far raised over $2.4 million, and the next presale stage in just over 1 day will see the token’s price increase further.

Visit C+Charge Now

Building Your Dream World: RobotEra Unleashes Your Creativity

The metaverse has been a buzzword in the tech industry for some time now, and many companies are looking to capitalize on its potential. Among these companies is RobotEra, a new metaverse crypto gaming project that is creating a unique gaming experience.

Unlike many other metaverse projects that focus solely on gaming, RobotEra is taking a different approach. The project aims to create an immersive and interactive platform that combines entertainment, creation, management, exploration, and interaction, all while providing a play-to-earn experience that is frictionless.″/>

One of the key features of RobotEra is its use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. By integrating these elements, players can earn real money for their contributions to the in-game economy. This opens up new possibilities for players to monetize their gameplay and turn their passion for gaming into a lucrative career.

Another unique aspect of RobotEra is its focus on virtual and augmented reality, along with Minecraft-like building tools. This allows players to create and customize robots, landscapes, and structures, bringing a new level of creativity to the metaverse gaming industry.

RobotEra’s commitment to decentralization and community governance is another distinguishing feature. The platform’s DAO ensures that all players can propose or decide the implementation strategy of their own faction, as well as decide the use of tokens in their own treasury.

This gives players a sense of ownership and control over the platform, making it a truly collaborative and democratic gaming experience.

RobotEra is also building a dynamic ecosystem that allows players to collaborate, share, and trade with each other. The shared world connects players’ unique lands together, opening up endless possibilities for theme parks, concerts, museums, and more. This creates a truly social experience that goes beyond traditional gaming.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the first investors in RobotEra’s TARO token, which is quickly closing in on $1 million raised during its presale. This crypto coin is one of the best cryptos to buy today, as now is a great time to buy before prices rise with stage 2.

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