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ChatGPT VR Training Tools Debut on Immerse Marketplace

This Friday, VirtualSpeech, an immersive training platform which leverages ChatGPT/conversational-AI technology, became a marketplace partner with Immerse. The partnership allows Immerse to distribute VirtualSpeech’s solution to various business end-users via its marketplace of enterprise-grade third-party applications.

VirtualSpeech joins an esteemed marketplace of over 120 immersive training solutions from 25 partners like Bodyswaps, FreeRangeXR, and Hard Hat VR.

Businesses can browse the marketplace by industry, skill, or topic and purchase content on a subscription or per-license basis, ready to distribute immersive content to workers and trainees in verticals such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The marketplace supports the Meta Quest 2 and Pico Neo 3 headsets. Moreover, the platforms allow managers and trainers to analyze metrics during a training session.

The Immerse Marketplace is a valuable resource for businesses and VR content creators alike, providing a platform for creators to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. Creators can also earn revenue from their content through the Immerse Marketplace’s revenue-sharing program.

How is VirtualSpeech Leveraging ChatGPT for Immersive Training?

The award-winning Virtualspeech platform leverages ChatGPT capabilities to create immersive soft skill training. ChatGPT can generate text, translate languages, write creative content, and formally answer questions.

Virtualspeech’s ChatGPT integration enables its VR training platform to support virtual agents that can answer trainee questions, provide instructions, and engage in conversations in real time.

With ChatGPT, Virtualspeech clients can create VR training scenarios that are more realistic and interactive for learners compared to pre-determined immersive training scenarios.

A client could create a VR training scenario for customer service representatives, allowing learners to interact with a ChatGPT bot that simulates a customer. This type of training scenario would also allow the customer service representative to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

VirtualSpeech Immersive Training Sessions

Virtualspeech’s platform uses ChatGPT to simulate challenging conversations between employees and managers. This can help managers train for difficult discussions while presenting co-workers with openness, respect, and support.

During a Virtualspeech performance review training session, a trainee is placed face-to-face with a ChatGPT-ready avatar. The trainee can then practice conversing in a safe and controlled environment.

Virtualspeech also simulates large-scale Q&A sessions. This can help trainees prepare for public speaking events, such as presentations and press conferences.

The platform generates questions based on a trainee’s presentation, so trainees can practice answering questions on various topics.

Virtualspeech also provides post-assessment feedback tools, such as video playback, speech analysis, and eye contact analysis, to help trainees identify areas for improvement.

The platform can also provide self-assessment information, such as tone, pace, and eye contact, to help trainees improve their interview skills.

Clients can use Virtualspeech’s ChatGPT integration to create more immersive and engaging VR training experiences, helping learners to understand training material better and retain information more effectively – ready for the real world.

More on The Immerse Marketplace

The Immerse Marketplace leverages a user-friendly interface to make it easy for businesses to find, purchase, and deploy VR training services suitable for a specific use case.

Users can easily browse the marketplace, read app descriptions, and watch app demos. They can then purchase the service and deploy it to a workforce with a few clicks.

The Immerse Marketplace is scalable and flexible, allowing users to deploy a single app across thousands of users. The platform also offers anonymized distribution, so users can share apps without requiring credentials, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to deploy VR training apps to their employees.

The Immerse Marketplace provides reporting and data insights to track users’ progress. The platform uses bespoke analytics monitoring based on predefined parameters using xAPI protocol-based structures to standardize data and VR experience monitoring.

The post-assessment information can help trainers identify areas where users need more training, track the effectiveness of training programs, and improve training content.



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