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Everseed Unveils Latest Playtest: The Path of Radiance

Everseed, an MMO that connects farming to gaming, has launched its latest test version, known as The Path of Radiance. This updated version of the game introduces fresh combat crops, adversaries, radiance enhancements, and escapades that gamers can delve into.

The Path of Radiance

The Path of Radiance is a thrilling gaming experience that transports players through different locations such as the Little Valley, the Crimson Fields, and the Winding Waterway. To successfully navigate these adventures, players must rely on their reliable partners and utilize both new and familiar combat crops. 

The game’s main loop, based on a roguelike core loop, blends various strategy genres, including tower defence. This provides a unique and replayable experience that will test players’ strategic thinking abilities and resource management skills in order to overcome the blight.

Once players have completed the latest content, they can assist Everseed’s developers in enhancing the game by reporting any bugs they may encounter through the Bug Report Form provided. 

Additionally, players can use the Survey Form to provide feedback that isn’t related to bugs. This survey will be accessible throughout the playtest and for a brief period thereafter, so it is recommended that players play the game for an extended period before offering feedback.

More About Everseed

Everseed is a new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that combines farming and tabletop components, and it is free to play. The game includes built-in metasystems that help foster long-term relationships between players. The central gameplay loop is based on a roguelike style, which incorporates aspects from different strategy genres, such as tower defense to create a unique gaming experience.

The creators of Everseed are working towards making Web3 games more accessible to the general gaming population by developing a broad-appeal game. They feel that past design decisions have caused a division between gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which they believe is unnecessary. Everseed intends to bridge this gap by establishing a solid economic framework around a strong gaming core, making it enjoyable for all types of players.

In contrast to numerous blockchain games, Everseed does not mandate that players purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to fully engage with the game’s core loop. The developers’ goal is to create an enjoyable gaming experience in Everseed for all players, regardless of their interest in blockchain technology.


How to Play Everseed

Step 1: Pick an Infusion

Prior to starting the game, you must choose an Infusion, which comprises a collection of abilities that you can utilize throughout gameplay. There are multiple Infusions to select from, so take your time and pick the one that suits your gaming style the most. 

Step 2: Commence Combat

Once you have made your Infusion selection, it is time to embark on your adventure! Enter the combat mode to initiate your journey through the various maps and challenges that the game has to offer.

Step 3: Plant, Water, and Purify

As you advance through the game, it is important to plant seeds, water your plants, and cleanse bright tiles in order to uncover fresh and fertile soil. These actions are crucial to succeeding in the game because you will need to utilize your plants to safeguard against waves of enemies.

Step 4: Plan and Achieve Victory

In Everseed, each map entails defeating multiple waves of enemies, which necessitates careful planning and strategy. Use your Infusion abilities and dependable companions to surmount obstacles and emerge triumphant.



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