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FTX Hacker Funds Are on The Move, Here’s Where They’re Headed

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Funds mentioned to be stolen from the now-bankrupt crypto alternate FTX are on the transfer, and sure headed for exchanges as hackers try and cash out the proceeds.

According to an replace from the blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis, the funds have already been transformed from ethereum (ETH) to bitcoin (BTC) by the RenBridge (REN), a protocol that permits for decentralized cross-chain transfers between various totally different blockchains.

The subsequent possible transfer, in line with Chainalysis, is for the funds to be despatched to a coin mixing service so as to obfuscate the place they’ve originated from, earlier than the hackers will try and cash out.

“We are in touch with our partners across the ecosystem as we work to help secure as many assets as possible to return to depositors,” Chainalysis wrote.″/>

Worth noting, nonetheless, is that any additional transfers between ETH and BTC utilizing RenBridge is anticipated to turn into tougher going ahead, with RenBridge already saying a freeze on new renBTC mints. And though this was introduced for causes not associated to the FTX hack, it could nonetheless imply that any remaining ETH that the hackers could also be in possession of might have to be offered on to fiat.

The state of affairs round RenBridge was additionally pointed to by the favored Twitter person kamikaz_ETH, who mentioned the hackers are “actively dumping ETH on-chain.”

“He’s selling ETH to wBTC to renBTC through aggregators like 1inch,” the person added.″/>

Shortly after the tweet, the identical person tweeted once more, saying the freeze that RenBridge has introduced has now incentivized the hackers to “dump the ETH asap.”″/>

As of Monday morning in Europe, the promoting of ETH to BTC was nonetheless occurring, with 185,000 ETH now remaining within the hackers fundamental pockets, in line with kamikaz_ETH.″/>

Unclear circumstances across the hack

It stays unclear who precisely drained FTX for the funds, with some claiming it will need to have been an inside job, and others hinting the Bahamas authorities may additionally in some way be concerned.″/>

Notably, FTX itself has additionally issued a warning concerning the funds, and requested exchanges to return any funds from the hack. “Exchanges should take all measures to secure these funds to be returned to the bankruptcy estate,” a tweet from FTX official Twitter account mentioned.″/>



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