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Get Ready for a Thrilling Brawler Master Tournament by Nakamoto Games!

Nakamoto Games, a well-known gaming company, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding the upcoming Brawler Master Tournament. This competition, which is scheduled to commence on May 19th, promises to provide an unparalleled gaming experience due to its fast-paced and thrilling nature. It is not a run-of-the-mill gaming competition, and participants can expect to be taken to new heights of excitement.

The tournament has been exclusively tailored for individuals who possess NAKAPUNK NFTs, a one-of-a-kind collection released by Nakamoto in July 2022. With just 10,000 units in circulation, owning a NAKAPUNK NFT is a privilege enjoyed only by a fortunate few. However, owning these digital assets goes beyond mere ownership, as it grants membership to the exclusive Satoshi gaming club, reserved only for elite individuals. 

In February 2023, Nakamoto achieved another significant milestone with the introduction of the Arcade Emporium NFT. This groundbreaking feature enables users to create their own virtual arcade gaming system and earn a share of the profits generated whenever someone plays in their arcade. The first edition was released on March 2nd and can only be accessed by those who possess an Arcade Emporium NFT. 

Participation in the Brawler Master Tournament is restricted to NAKAPUNK NFT holders only, and it does not require ownership of the Arcade Emporium NFT. Additionally, the tournament is not a standard gaming experience but rather a competition that is sure to raise excitement levels.

From May 19th to May 22nd, the tournament will be in full swing, featuring eight fully operational arcade rooms available to participants following registration. All relevant information about the tournament can be accessed by visiting a specified location.

For those who wish to participate, it is recommended to access the tournament via a computer for ease of use when joining arcade rooms. Additionally, when completing the registration form, it is essential to use the NFT address where your NAKAPUNKS are stored for eligibility. If your NFT is located in a different wallet, be sure to transfer it before registration.

More on Nakamoto Games  

Nakamoto Games is a Web3 gaming platform that offers a variety of engaging and addictive crypto games. The platform aims to provide significant earning opportunities for both gamers and non-gamers as the demand for crypto gaming is expected to increase. 

The company’s objective is to attract gamers and game developers alike by offering the necessary tools to launch and monetize their gaming creations on the platform. The platform is not focused on a single game but is building an entire ecosystem for play-to-earn games.

Nakamoto Games continually releases new play-to-earn games, ensuring that gamers always have fresh content to choose from and the platform never becomes monotonous. Third-party developers are incentivized to integrate their games on the platform via Nakamoto’s SDK, resulting in an increase in the number of games launched on the platform.                              




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