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Glue Collaboration Gains KPMG Security Certification

Last Thursday, KPMG IT Certification Ltd awarded its ISO/IEC 27001 certificate to Glue Collaboration, a Metaverse application for enterprise end-users. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) gave the award. The ISO offers a systematic approach to managing the security of assets like customer/company data, intellectual property, financial data, and personal data.

The award shows that Glue’s services are suitable for enterprise usage due to the company’s information security management.

The ISO/IEC 27001 relates to all areas of Glue’s operations, including its virtual reality (VR) collaboration platform, integrated services, and sustained digital business procedures.

KPMG awards its certificate to demonstrate that a firm can commit to protecting information assets and can implement security management for its clientele.

Jussi Havu, the CEO of Glue, noted that the KPMG certification “solidifies” the firm’s commitment to offering “a high level of security and confidentiality for our customers.”

Janne Hietanen, CTO and Information Security Lead at Glue said:

Our team understands the importance of managing data security, especially when it comes to protecting client data and communications. While we have always operated with the highest security standards, this certification demonstrates that we have invested in the people, processes and technology to protect our data.

What is Glue?

Clients can use Glue as a collaborative Metaverse service to enhance remote communications with VR meeting rooms. The platform allows users to handle 3D objects, use third-party video conferencing tools, and experience immersive environments.

The Glue platform provides various immersive environments, allowing dispersed employees to collaborate within a single unified digital space.

Glue currently offers its service under three subscription plans, Free, Professional, and Enterprise, for individuals and SMEs.

Users can edit Glue’s realistic avatars to represent themselves accurately. Additionally, the service has algorithms for artificial intelligence that precisely imitate a user’s movements and gestures.

Numerous worldwide firms likewise utilize the Finnish service, including T-Mobile, Axel Springer, Maillefer, Duodecim, and BGG Estate.

According to Rafaela Sieber, the Head of Extended Reality at Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile, when the firm’s clients and coworkers collaborate virtually on the Glue platform, teams notice a “big difference.” Additionally, the representative of Deutsche Telekom stated that “thanks to the VR glasses,” each participant has fully immersed themselves within the Glue platform.

A demo session from the Glue team is also available for customers who want to learn more about the product and its variants. Moreover, interested individuals can access the Glue service on a handful of XR devices from immersive technology firms such as Meta, HTC VIVE, PICO, and Valve.



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