Friday, December 8, 2023
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Gmail for Android’s new update lets you batch-select 50 emails at a time

Imagine, for a moment, if you didn’t have to select emails one by one to archive, delete, or mark as read. 9to5Google is reporting that Gmail for Android now has a “Select all” button that selects 50 emails at a time.

Select 50 at a time.
Images: 9to5Google

Now, a certain kind of reader will surely ask: why doesn’t the “select all” button select all the emails? I salute you, friend. But Gmail for Android has infinite scroll, so selecting all the emails would really be all the emails, not just, like, a page worth of them.

Maybe they should rename the button instead.

Desktop Gmail also lets you select 50 emails to begin with, but it doesn’t call the button “select all,” and there’s an extra “select all conversations in inbox” button you can press after your first 50 emails to add all the rest. For me, that’s 73,792 emails. I am very tempted to make them all vanish.

I’m not seeing this change on my Pixel yet, by the way, despite having the latest version of the app. 9to5Google says it’s rolling out as a server-side change, so you won’t see it till it’s there.



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