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Hololight, Nokia Demo L4S Enterprise 5G at Brooklyn 6G Event

Global XR engineering firm Hololight has partnered with Nokia Bell Labs to offer enterprises immersive virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) experiences.

Leveraging Nokia’s low latency, low loss scalable (L4S) networking technologies, Hololight will debut a proof-of-concept (PoC) on the last day of the Brooklyn 6G Summit.

The L4S technology allows a massively consistent, improved quality of experience for XR tools, allowing multiple people using the platform to collaborates in extended reality (XR) design spaces at the same time.

For many seeking scalable, high-throughput XR solutions, networking connections are crucial to executing immersive collaboration and applications. This applies greatly to cloud-based XR services, which demand near-zero latency to operate for its customers.

The world-first demo will allow audiences to view how Hololight and Nokia’s solutions performs under the latter’s next-gen networking tools. This comes amid challenges for both companies to scale up their solutions to meet the demands of enterprise XR and the industrial metaverse.

XR Today nominated Hololight for several XR Today Awards this year, including Best Augmented Reality Solution, Best Manufacturing and Industrial Solution, and Best Automotive Solution

L4S technologies are critical for 5G-Advanced network connections and has become a central focus for Nokia’s standardisation efforts included in 3GPP Release 18.

Philipp Landgraf, Senior Director, XR Streaming, Hololight, said in a statement that the partnership would put his company “at the forefront of 6G innovation.

“Together, we are excited to pioneer a solution that enables smooth and stable streaming of XR applications with a high number of active users, even in the most challenging environments, ensuring an unparalleled user experience. The move to XR-based collaboration and digital prototyping is a monumental step towards reducing CO2 emissions by minimizing travel and waste, resulting in efficient production, minimized errors and a lighter environmental footprint”

Additionally, Koen de Schepper, Network Automation Research Principal, Nokia Bell Labs, stated,

“It’s important to grow the ecosystem and show what the L4S protocol can bring to communications, in particular, to 5G-Advanced systems and beyond. With its advanced XR applications, Hololight will help us explore the user experience for future applications and what these applications and future networks will need to support”

Brooklyn 6G Summit Concludes in the Big Apple

The news comes as the two-day Brooklyn 6G Summit wraps up in New York City, New York, taking place from 31 October to 2 November.

Hosted annualy by major enterprises like Nokia and organisations like New York University (NYU) WIRELESS, the event explores the future of L4S networking and communications technologies.

For many, the premier event entered its tenth annual instalment this year and signalled the next stage of global communications, namely as enterprises worldwide prepare for the rise of spatial communications. These technologies are expected to massively reshape how people interact, communicate, and receive information.

Taking place at the NYU Tandon School of Engigneering and New York Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge, the invitation-only hybrid event also hosted 250 attendees from around the world, across industry verticals, academia, telecom operators, global regulators, and experts.

Nokia alsos debuted a groundbreaking natural language processing (NLP)-based network configuration tool to manage vital infrastructure for clients at the premier conference.

The advanced solution leverages generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and NLP networks to restructure setups from complex configurations to more responsive, rapid systems for end users.





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