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How to Counter the OVERPOWERED Sustain Build in Axie Infinity!

In this text, we’ll be going over one among the finest builds in Axie Infinity – Sustain – and the way you can go about tackling it in PvP. Countless Axie gamers have complained about the Sustain construct, and the way it’s unattainable to beat in the recreation. Now, whereas the construct itself is fairly OP, it’s positively not unbeatable. You’ll want grit and tactical gameplay, however you will get the job completed! Without additional ado, let’s get into it.

A Short Intro to Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is undoubtedly one among the hottest P2E video games in the business. With a whole bunch of hundreds of gamers lively, Axie is one among the few crypto video games which have managed to attain the ranges of typical video games in phrases of person depend. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Axie Infinity is the face of P2E gaming. Even although the recreation may look easy at first look, it’s fairly tough to totally perceive and grasp.

The involvement of a number of Axie varieties, builds, playing cards, and far more in every battle leads to numerous completely different variations. You by no means know what’s to come from the opponent, which is what makes Axie an fulfilling recreation to play.

Axie Infinity Tips
Axie Infinity Main Theme – Source: The Whale Journal

What are Axie Infinity Builds?

Before going right into a PvP match in the recreation, you want to prepared up a number of necessary capabilities out of your finish. This contains selecting the trio of Axies that may go into battle for you. Moreover, you’ll additionally determine the playing cards you need to take with you. The final arsenal that you simply carry into battles, being the collection of Axies, playing cards, and methods – mixed makes a Build.

For instance, the RIMP construct combines the talents of Ronin and Imp to kind a lethal combo assault. Ronin principally ensures your subsequent assault to be a crucial hit, whereas Imp offers you an power level again with each crucial hit landed. So, this combo permits you to hit a crucial hit AND get power with 100% affirmation. There are numerous combos like this you could develop your builds round.

Axie Infinity builds
Builds in Axie Infinity – Source: Axie Infinity Twitter

You’ll have to play frequently with the construct of your alternative to be sure you’re snug with its mechanics. As the studying curve to being an awesome Axie Infinity participant is hard, apply might be key in ensuring you’re good with a construct.

The Sustain Build

Now we get to the beast itself – the Sustain construct. For fairly a while, this Axie construct has terrorized gamers on the receiving finish of the blow. The Sustain construct principally takes a mix of Axies of particular courses and sophistication physique elements that permits the lineup to, effectively, be sustainable in a battle. What will we imply by sustainable?

Resilience is a vital issue in PvP battles in Axie Infinity, because it permits you to outlive your opponent’s Axies. That’s precisely what a Sustain construct does, permitting the Axies to have sustainable well being and be resilient in opposition to assaults. There isn’t a lot consideration given to assault playing cards in this construct, as a result of your essential focus might be to put up sturdy defenses in opposition to the opponent.

Some Features of Sustain

  • Capacity of accumulating 100-200 defend factors
  • Pile-able well being enhance that offers additional HP with every transfer
  • SteelSkin that reduces all injury by 30%

Sustain is normally carried out by the high gamers in Axie Infinity, with many professionals going for the construct as effectively. Another tactic that’s used with the Sustain construct is to drag the battle out until the Bloodmoon Curse arrives, however extra on that in a second.

All this sounds fairly intense. But, the essential query at hand is – are you able to beat a Sustain construct in Axie Infinity, and if sure, then how so?

Axie Infinity PvP Battle
PvP Battle in Axie Infinity – Source: LevelDash

How to Counter Sustain in Axie Infinity!

Eliminate At Least One Axie Early On

The Sustain construct is constructed for resilience over a long-term battle, so it’s necessary you break its basis early on. If you handle to assault aggressively and remove one among their Axies fast, you’ll be in a great place. You can use numerous ways to obtain this, particularly the subsequent two that we’re going to point out under.

Go For High Damage!

Since your opponent may have nearly endless shields, well being factors and armors, you’ll want to carry your A-game with injury. Considering that they’ll have a Sustain construct, their assault is probably going not that crucial. Hence, you’ll be able to make the most of that, and be sure you play on the aggressive. Cards like Rosa, Scarab, and Axie Kiss might be of excessive worth right here, as you’ll have the ability to deal important injury to the opponent’s Axies – even when they’ve shields. Here are a few of the finest playing cards you could make the most of in your arsenal, put into tiers by Gamewith.web.

Card List Axie
Card Tier List Axie Infinity – Source: Esports.web

Use Combo Cards

This can be essential if you need to stand an opportunity in opposition to Sustain. Make certain your assaults embody combo playing cards as a way to deal a number of hits with a single flip. Generally, one flip solely permits one assault, however you’ll be able to change that with combo playing cards.  Here are a few of the finest combo assaults to use if you happen to’re trying to break the opponent’s defence!

Save Some Strong Cards for the Bloodmoon Curse

Dragging the battle out until the Bloodmoon is one among the essential ways of Sustain construct gamers. So, what’s the Bloodmoon?

The explains exactly what the Bloodmoon is in Axie Infinity PvP battles:

At spherical 10 (of the PvP battles), the Bloodmoon Curse will begin and at the finish of that rounds onwards, all Axies will obtain a 50 HP deduction.’

What this implies is that after 10 rounds of each gamers enjoying their turns, the Bloodmoon Curse deteriorates the well being of all Axies. Now, this wouldn’t be an issue for Sustain gamers, as they save up a number of shields and armors for this level of the match. In truth, they’re relying on the curse in order that the different participant loses all their HP.

Bloodmoon Curse in Axie Infinity – Source: Youtuber

What you want to do in this situation is save up a number of of your sturdy assault playing cards for the Bloodmoon. This approach, you’ll be able to take away any defensive benefit your opponent may need due to their shields. Integrate your combo assaults right here as effectively. Aim to get their second Axie down in the beginning rounds right here as effectively, if you happen to haven’t managed to already.

Some Other Tips to Follow

  • Use Redirect playing cards to be sure you’re not solely putting the entrance line
  • Make certain to diversify assaults and never concentrate on only one Axie from the starting
  • Don’t let the opponent accumulate too many shields directly
  • Play Confuse playing cards in order that your opponent receives the card in their deck too

Lastly, try this video of a preferred Axie Infinity content material creator who beats one among the high Axie gamers in the world. He makes use of numerous methods and beats the professional who’s utilizing the Sustain construct.

Final Takeaways

All in all, regardless that beating a Sustain construct appears a lot tough in Axie, it’s not unattainable no less than. That being stated, many gamers nonetheless really feel that the construct itself wants to be nerfed for a extra degree enjoying subject. Even if a construct is beatable, it nonetheless is unfair if it takes 10x extra effort to beat it.

For extra Axie Infinity updates and different content material associated to NFT video games, try!



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