Friday, December 1, 2023
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iFixit now provides parts and repair guides for the Google Pixel Tablet

iFixit also offers some components as a bundle alongside its own-branded repair tools, providing everything you need to fix the device.
Image: iFixit

There are also in-depth repair guides explaining how to install almost all of the components iFixit has to offer for the Google Pixel tablet, featuring step-by-step instructions and detailed images that should make it much easier (or at the very least, less intimidating) to fix your own device. Most of these feature additional iFixit-branded repair equipment like suction cup handles and an Anti-Clamp tool, which will need to be purchased separately (or bundled with the required parts) if you want to follow these guides word-for-word.

iFixit has provided genuine components and repair guides for various Pixel phone models since Google agreed to partner with the self-repair specialist back in 2022, from the Pixel 2 right through to the Pixel 7A. It’s nice to see the Pixel tablet joining them, giving consumers the freedom to fix their own devices without having to pay for a repair service.



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