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KuCoin CEO Warns of FUD Attacks on the Crypto Exchange

    • Nearly 25,000 ‘FUD creating’ tweets have been unfold in opposition to KuCoin in Twitter.
    • CEO Johnny Lyu tweets all is okay at KuCoin and they also have no publicity to LUNA, 3AC, and Babel Finance.
    • A 2019 report reveals KuCoin entered a strategic partnership with Bable Finance.

KuCoin, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has been trending on Twitter for the last 24 hours with over 25,000 tweets, nevertheless for the unsuitable causes. The trending phrases embody “KuCoin bankrupt,” “KuCoin insolvent,” and “KuCoin withdraw.”

So far, solely unreliable sources are calling on people to withdraw their cryptocurrency from the KuCoin change claiming the change might halt withdrawal rapidly. The CEO of KuCoin Johnny Lyu consequently created a Twitter sample to shed delicate on the state of affairs at KuCoin.

He acknowledged these particulars about KuCoin is all rumors and that KuCoin has no publicity to Terra LUNA, Three Arrow Capital, Babel Bank, and so on. And that neither have they bought plans to halt withdrawal, “everything on KuCoin is operating well,” he added. He extra shared some data and milestones KuCoin these days achieved to indicate that every one is okay at KuCoin.

Some newest details about KuCoin, and you could make your judgment:

We accomplished $150 M fundraising at a $10 B valuation in May. We are one of the few platforms that are nonetheless hiring. We are additional full of life in the bear market, launching new choices like OCO order, fiat pair.”

He concluded his tweet on a sound note threatening panic mongers of approved movement.

Although the CEO of KuCoin claimed the agency has no publicity to Babel Finance, a report from KuCoin’s official site reveals that every the companies had entered proper right into a strategic partnership in 2019. The report acknowledged, “both companies will jointly innovate and work together to provide more valuable financial services to users.”



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