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Microsoft Ignite 2023: An Industrial Metaverse Showcase

Microsoft Ignite 2023 kicks off today! Historically, Ignite is a monumental yearly event showcasing the firm’s leading developments in computing innovations.

This year, the company disclosed its research and development progress in emerging technologies such as MR headsets, immersive communication, and AI.

Ignite 2023 is taking place online via an official digital portal. Moreover, at its Seattle location, Microsoft invites the general computing industry to participate and see the firm’s innovative workplace solutions, such as Copilot, Hololens, Teams, Mesh, and Dynamics 365 Guides.

The event is made up of speaker sessions and demos that reveal insights into the firm’s products and end-user success stories.

Taking centre stage – alongside NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, who introduced new Microsoft-related collaborations and partnerships – during the Ignite 2023 opening keynote was Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who spoke on the relationship between AI and MR, noting how the emerging technology affects real-world enterprise use cases.

Nadella said:

It’s pretty amazing when you bring these two technologies (AI/MR) together and this stuff is real today its has been deployed in preview at Siemens Energy, Chefron – its great to see the power and i think its goning to be even more powerful in the years to come.

Ignite 2023: The XR Highlights

As Microsoft develop its leading solutions in workplace collaboration, MR, and AI. The world-class computing firm is steadily moving towards a revamped MR roadmap, which includes a co-development of XR and AI technologies to enable the future of work and, therefore, the industrial Metaverse.

As part of Ignite 2023, Microsoft unveiled many immersive technology updates for its existing digital solutions portfolio, potentially the keys to the industrial Metaverse.

Notably, Microsoft has announced that it will introduce new avatars to its popular Teams application, which is widely used for workplace communications. According to Microsoft, the avatars are set to be made available for general use in January 2024.

To power the avatar system, Microsoft is introducing Mesh, a suite of no-code tools and integrated Unity features that will allow enterprise customers to create bespoke immersive spaces. These immersive experiences, such as employee events, training, tours, and product showcases, can be tailored to business needs.

XR project managers can choose from a collection of pre-built immersive environments available via the Mesh platform and then use the no-code/Unity tools to customize the space and create a template that an entire organization can access and use.

Microsoft will reveal more details on the Mesh for enterprise service as the January 2024 general availability release approaches, including additional features such as speaker enhancements, attendee engagement options, and interaction. At Ignite 2023, Microsoft introduced an updated Avatar for Teams system that will debut alongside Mesh next year.

Moreover, Microsoft announced updates to its Dynamics 365 platform. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 software employs cutting-edge technology like AI, MR, IoT, and others to provide users with new features. This will benefit companies that utilize Microsoft Teams in their AR workflows and those that use Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 MR headset. For many, this means having access to tools that can help them leverage AR and MR devices for real-world industrial purposes.

At an event, Microsoft announced that frontline workers can access work order information by communicating with Copilot through Microsoft Teams starting in early December this year. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Field Service customers can now access Dynamics 365 Guides and Dynamics 365 Remote Assistance for free.

With these solutions, users can create guides that provide sequential instructions to technicians, allowing them to complete critical tasks quickly using spatial computing visuals. These solutions enable real-time collaboration through remote experts who can assist users through mobile devices or Microsoft HoloLens 2 headsets. Additionally, clients can purchase Dynamics 365 Field Service Contractor for vendors who conduct essential work order management with improved features.

By doing so, businesses can expand their field service operations while undergoing digital transformation and meeting the increasing demand for immersive solutions in the workplace.



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