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P2E Hit, Calvaria, Introduces Staking

The focus of the cryptocurrency market is on transforming the exchange of value, rather than quick profits. This is with the help of smart contract-based platforms. Among these platforms, Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are one of the most successful mechanisms for exchanging value. However, due to their similarities, P2E games are experiencing a decline in growth. 

Investors are now seeking novelty and entertainment, which has led to their interest in Calvaria. Experts believe that Calvaria’s unique features could be a game-changer for the entire industry.

Calvaria has introduced a new feature called staking that is expected to attract even more gamers to its platform. This new feature adds utility to the RIA token, and its workings are explained in detail. This article provides an overview of Calvaria and how NFTs are integrated into the gameplay.  

More on Calvaria

Calvaria has garnered a lot of attention and popularity due to its unique combination of game design, mechanics, earning streams, and artwork. The game stands out for its accessibility, as it offers both Free-to-Play and P2E versions, allowing beginners with no prior crypto experience to start playing.

Calvaria offers several features that distinguish it from other P2E games, such as its card battler game and story mode. Free-to-Play players can still engage in battles with other players, while P2E players can participate in tournaments and sell their in-game assets.

The game also includes features like staking, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. Decentralized governance is a key focus for the team, as they aim to let the community determine Calvaria’s future development. Recently, Calvaria launched staking as a new feature, which we will discuss further.

Calvaria Has Enhanced Its Appeal by Introducing Staking

Calvaria has been attracting the attention of the crypto community due to its captivating artwork and engaging gameplay. The addition of the staking feature is expected to exponentially increase its popularity, which is something that the community has been eagerly awaiting. This release will also bring the project to the attention of those outside the community.

The staking feature, called Sacrificial Altars, allows players to lock their tokens in one of two pools known as Altars – Santa Muerte and Quetzalqoatl. The latter requires a minimum lock of 56 days. Tokens that are locked have an estimated APR of 30%, while those that are not locked have an estimated APR of 20%. Currently, approximately 11465929 RIA has been staked, with daily rewards totalling 0.0685%.

Starting staking on Calvaria is easy and requires a minimum fund balance of 1 MATIC, any amount of RIA, and a WalletConnect wallet. To get started, connect the wallet on the Calvaria staking page if you have the minimum funds and RIA.

The Game Is Expected To Grow Further

To succeed in the competitive P2E games market, analysts and players agree that games must offer something unique to stand out. Calvaria is an example of this with its emphasis on accessibility and player involvement. This makes it one of the most distinct blockchain-based games released in recent years.

The addition of staking is a significant utility for Calvaria’s token, and it is likely to attract more users and retain existing ones. With the P2E games market heating up in 2023, gamers can look forward to exciting new developments.



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