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Planet IX, the Largest P2E Game on Polygon, Experiences Astounding Growth on the BitKeep NFT Market

Planet IX, a well-known P2E game, has seen a large rise in transaction volume following working with BitKeep. Planet IX is developed on the quick, safe, and extensible Polygon blockchain. This expansion demonstrates Bitkeep’s dedication to providing its users with a secure and simple trading experience. This makes it the ideal platform for NFTs and P2E games. 

Planet IX had $840K in monthly transactions as of 9 February 2023, with 77% of the transactions coming through the BitKeep NFT market. BitKeep is pleased to announce that Planet IX has a 79% market share and a 3-month transaction volume that has topped 1 million MATIC. Also, Planet IX set a record-high for a transaction volume of $42.3K in a single day.  

Planet IX is unquestionably a leading light in the BitKeep NFT Market as well as the Polygon NFT Market. The NFT transaction volume for Planet IX on BitKeep NFT Market is 4x and 120x that of its main competitors OpenSea and OKX, respectively.

Because of its user-friendly interface, quick and inexpensive transactions, and dedication to security, BitKeep is the platform of choice for both players and creators of P2E games. As the very first NFT marketplace to enable NFT purchases on the platform using tokens from any supported blockchain, BitKeep NFT Market also offers customers the ability to instantly send numerous NFTs in bulk. It also supports future purchases and bulk listing.

Setting the Stage for Blockchain Gaming and the Expansion of the P2E Community

The expansion of Planet IX on BitKeep demonstrates how the platform holds value in the P2E community. It invites other game developers to collaborate with BitKeep in determining the direction of decentralized gaming. The DeFi wallet company’s commitment to blockchain gaming is reflected in the support BitKeep has for Planet IX as well as other P2E games.

BitKeep is positioned to take the lead in the quickly expanding industry for decentralized games and collectibles since it keeps growing in user base and popularity.

More on BitKeep 

BitKeep is a multichain decentralized digital wallet that offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of services. These include: 

  • An integrated NFT market
  • Wallet function
  • Swap services
  • DApp browser
  • Launchpad
  • Daily Column

Over 8 million consumers throughout 168 nations in Europe, North America, and Asia can access its trustworthy and secure trading and asset management services. Beyond even MetaMask, it is the most used wallet on Google Play worldwide.

BitKeep currently supports about 250,000 different cryptocurrency types over more than 80 chains, including well-known ones like Polygon, Solana, Bitcoin, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom. BitKeep places a high priority on user security and uses DESM encryption to store users’ private keys in order to add an extra layer of security to secure user cash.



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