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Play to Earn Glossary, NFT Glossary

We outline formal NFT Play-To-Earn phrases from A to Z. As well as; we embody P2E slang, abbreviations, intentional misspellings, and Twitter lingo to give you an entire image of the language round NFTs.

If all of those new phrases are complicated you, this dictionary will assist you catch up. The next is a listing of essentially the most usually used phrases within the NFT play-to-earn neighborhood.

1:1 Artwork

A one-of-a-kind NFT artwork piece with just one version.


New NFTs or cryptocurrencies are delivered to your pockets without spending a dime. Moreover, this can be a typical technique within the crypto world to recruit and reward early undertaking adopters.


Entry to important insider info. For instance, “I work at Opensea, so I’ve Alpha on the brand new artists with whom we’re collaborating subsequent month.”


While you’ ape into’ one thing, it suggests you’re shopping for one thing irresponsibly, often out of “FOMO” and/or with out finishing your homework.


The broadest phrase for something regarding blockchain cash or tokens. It is because there isn’t a consensus on whether or not digital property are securities. Additionally, study cash or tokens for regional restrictions and trade listings.

Public sale

An NFT price-setting occasion Some merchandise are offered in a so-called Dutch public sale, the place the start worth begins at a particular degree and regularly decreases till the primary purchaser is keen to pay.


A personality within the online game Axie Infinity, Axies are divided into courses primarily based on their strengths and weaknesses: Reptile, Plant, Nightfall, Aquatic, Chook, Daybreak, Beast, Bug, and Mech.

Bear Market

A bear market is described as a interval by which provide exceeds demand, confidence is low, and costs decline. Because of this, pessimistic buyers who predict costs will proceed to lower are known as “bears.”

Bear markets could be difficult to commerce in, particularly for rookie merchants.

Bull Market

A bull market, typically referred to as a bull run, is a time period throughout which the vast majority of buyers are buying, demand outweighs provide, market confidence is excessive, and costs are rising.

If you happen to discover costs swiftly rising upwards in a sure market, this might point out that almost all of buyers are rising optimistic or “bullish” in regards to the worth rising additional, and it might point out the beginnings of a bull market.


Mike Winkelmann, essentially the most well-known digital artist, goes by the alias Beeple.

Beeple made a digital artwork piece that offered for $69,400,000. That is the very best worth ever paid for a chunk of digital artwork.


Probably the most well-known cryptocurrency.


Think about it an open spreadsheet to which everybody within the cryptocurrency world has entry, and it information any adjustments or transactions. It’s the location the place customers can affirm possession.


An automatic software program or script designed to hold out sure duties. Bots are steadily used to automate commerce executions, begin identification verification, snipe cheap NFTs when listed, and so forth.


A mechanism for transferring tokens between two blockchains, The bridge seems to the person as an internet app. The bridge retains cash on one aspect and points cash that gamers can make the most of in a distinct setting through a browser extension pockets or one other pockets.

Axie Infinity an NFT play-to-earn recreation, for instance, makes use of an Ethereum-Ronin bridge.


Brief for “Binance Good Chain.”


The abbreviation for Bitcoin.


Refers back to the full destruction of an NFT to eliminate it. You may “burn” an NFT by sending it to the NFT contract tackle in order that it’ll be destroyed and not be transferrable.


One thing thought of invaluable or uncommon, akin to restricted version LEGOs or footwear.

Crypto Twitter (CT)

Builders, tech founders, economists, influencers, and speculators who steadily tweet about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralization, and crypto scams kind a subculture.


Cryptography is used to safeguard monetary transactions and handle the creation of recent cash in digital currencies akin to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Sometimes, any utility that interacts with a blockchain, akin to Ethereum. Video games, exchanges, and different instruments that use or switch tokens or cryptocurrencies are examples of dApps.

Not all dApps are completely decentralized, with most having instruments managed by the group or a delegate council.

Decentralized Autonomous Group (DAO)

DAOs are member-owned communities that don’t have centralized management, that means a single particular person or establishment doesn’t administer them.

The principles and governance are as an alternative codified in good contracts on the blockchain, and modifications are completed by voting by DAO members.


As an alternative of going by a 3rd occasion, decentralized exchanges (DEX) allow peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.


An acronym for decentralized finance.


A bunch-chat community initially designed for players has subsequently expanded right into a platform for a lot of forms of communities, significantly NFT initiatives.


ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Remark, which is how Ethereum community adjustments have been launched. ERC-20 is a normal code for fungible tokens, that are these used for fee and easy transfers. Non-fungible tokens, usually NFTs, are recognized by the ERC-271 commonplace.

An ERC-271 asset refers to a definite picture, different materials, and even precise property and is thus non-fungible or not interchangeable with one other token of the identical sort.


The identify of a cryptocurrency, usually referred to as ETH, permits dApps and good contracts and is often utilized in NFT transactions.


the era of passive earnings by buying a pair of tokens on a DEX is often known as token farming or liquidity mining. The locked tokens are then used to settle trades with different DEX contributors who don’t wish to hold the token. Farming is dangerous, and you’ll have to just accept momentary losses. Further reward tokens are usually awarded for farming.


Authorities-issued currencies (such because the US Greenback, Euro, and Pound Sterling) not tied to the worth of a commodity akin to gold or silver.


While you flip one thing, whether or not an NFT or a token, you purchase and promote it rapidly to earn a revenue.


A undertaking’s ‘flooring’ or ‘flooring worth’ is the bottom worth at which an NFT from the gathering could be bought on the secondary market.


The acronym ‘FUD’ stands for Concern, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Within the crypto realm, this phrase refers to unfavorable and false details about a undertaking or token.


Refers to decentralized functions (dApps) with financial incentives, usually paying tokens or NFTs for game-related actions akin to profitable battles, mining in-game sources, or nurturing digital crops. Lastly, this technique is often known as “play-to-earn” (P2E).


The amount of fuel required by the community (in native cryptocurrency) for a person to make cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain. For instance, once you work together with the Ethereum community, you need to pay fuel in ETH.

Gasoline conflict

A fuel conflict happens throughout an NFT assortment launch when extra purchasers (e.g., 100,000) than NFTs can be found on the market (e.g., 10,000). In these circumstances, you’ll want to boost your fuel cost to outbid the others within the hopes that your transaction might be accomplished quicker than theirs, permitting you to safe your buy.


Preliminary DEX Providing is an abbreviation for Preliminary DEX Providing. In IDOs, new NFTs or tokens are launched as a fundraising technique for potential crypto or NFT initiatives through a decentralized liquidity trade.


Preliminary Recreation Providing is an abbreviation for Preliminary Public Providing. IGO gamers, like ICO contributors, acquire early entry to in-game property (often NFTs or play-to-earn video games) whereas supporting the sport’s early growth.


Know Your Buyer is an abbreviation for Know Your Buyer. To adjust to KYC guidelines, organizations generally gather numerous private info (e.g., passport/government-issued ID, image, contact quantity, and residence tackle) from their shoppers.


Liquidity is the flexibility of a coin to be simply transformed into money or different cash


The metadata of an NFT is the required and distinctive information that make up the NFT and defines the way it seems to be.


The Metaverse, just like the Web, is a 3D interactive digital realm constructed by computer systems. Customers can socialize, work, study, and play in the identical approach they do in on-line video video games. When an app offers real worth and is suitable with different (decentralized) apps, we are saying it belongs within the Metaverse.

Tokens earned in a P2E recreation:

  • You may trade them for different cryptocurrencies or fiat foreign money.
  • You may trade cash and cash with one other P2E recreation.

Because of this, every decentralized app (dApp) belongs to the Metaverse as a result of it merely takes a Web3 pockets to create tradable property from disparate apps.

Lastly, any tokens you have got can be utilized on another metaverse app or NFT play-to-earn video games.


The aggressive means of fixing cryptographic challenges to confirm and add new transactions to a cryptocurrency’s blockchain utilizing the proof-of-work (PoW) methodology. The primary particular person to unravel it will get so as to add the present block to the blockchain and is rewarded with newly generated tokens.


Minting would be the first proprietor of an NFT. When you’re the primary to purchase straight from the creator, who lists the asset and transfers it to you, you virtually at all times get the most effective worth.

There is only one mint for all NFTs. The primary sale is known as “mint” within the gross sales historical past. In the meantime, if the asset is offered with no possession historical past, you buy a mint.


NFA is an abbreviation for “Not Monetary Recommendation.” In its context, it means the reverse. Influencers might use the phrase “NFA” to disguise their peddling intentions. They know that almost all degens will consider no matter they are saying anyway, and mentioning “NFA” protects their repute and permits them to proceed shilling.

e.g. “I feel CryptoKitties worth will proceed to rise. NFA, although.”


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. A non-fungible token means an irreplaceable token on a blockchain. Moreover, an NFT could be something digital, akin to a picture, video, or music.


NGMI is an abbreviation for Not Going to Make It. Additionally, this abbreviation describes somebody who makes poor selections or makes use of poor judgment.

NGMI is a time period used within the NFT play-to-earn /crypto area to point that somebody with paper fingers is about to overlook a big alternative on a deal.


You most likely guessed it already. A noob or a beginner is somebody new to the NFT play-to-earn/Crypto factor.


OG is an abbreviation for “unique,” and it’s a typical prefix for blue-chip NFTs with many comparable collections. Some are derivatives, however the majority are knock-offs.

The Bored Ape Yacht Membership, for instance, owns the unique “BAYC.” Non-originals embody:

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Membership Variations
  • modifications from different creators are sub-collections (e.g. Primary Bored Ape Membership, a rip-off)
  • Assortment copies with misspellings (e.g. Boredd Ape Yachtt Membership, a rip-off)


The main NFT market on Ethereum.

Play to earn (P2E)

Blockchain-based video games incentivize gamers with tradable tokens and in-game asset rewards.


A funding approach utilized by companies or undertaking builders to acquire funds by an preliminary sale (akin to an ICO, IDO, or IGO) by which buyers and early adopters make the most of ETH (or different cryptocurrencies) to buy new tokens/NFTs.

Non-public Key

A personal key’s a cryptographic variable used with an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt information. Curiously, personal keys are additionally utilized in cryptocurrency to signal transactions and set up possession of a blockchain tackle.

Proof of Stake

Proof-of-stake is a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism that’s used to course of transactions and add new blocks to a blockchain. A consensus mechanism is a approach of validating and securing entries in a distributed database.


The set of actions or plans for creating an NFT undertaking or NFT play-to-earn recreation. A undertaking with a decisive aim is commonly thought to have extra vital potential, and sustainability and is meant to be round for the lengthy haul than one with no anticipated updates.

Rug Pull

Within the NFT play-to-earn trade, a rug pull happens when a growth group abruptly abandons a undertaking and sells or eliminates all of its liquidity. Moreover, the identify is derived from the expression “take the rug out from beneath (somebody),” which implies to abruptly withdraw help.

Good Contract

An settlement that takes impact robotically when sure circumstances are met. Additionally, they’re enforced on the blockchain community, are irreversible, and can’t be modified.

Utility Token

A fungible token with a particular use case inside an ecosystem. These tokens are obligatory to make use of a wise contract system’s performance or to finish an motion on a selected community.


A digital pockets that enables customers to retailer and handle their crypto property.


Blockchain know-how is an idea or imaginative and prescient for a brand new internet iteration primarily based on a decentralized on-line ecosystem.


The time period “crypto whale” or just “whale” refers to people or entities that maintain monumental sums of cryptocurrency within the cryptocurrency neighborhood. Additionally, Whales have sufficient cryptocurrency to have the ability to management foreign money valuations.


A crypto undertaking group’s formally launched doc that gives buyers with exact technical particulars about its idea and roadmap.

There you have got it, our expert-curated NFT Play-To-Earn Glossary!

Lastly, keep tuned to PlayToEarnDiary for extra thrilling updates.



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