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Seoul Metropolitan Government Launches Public Metaverse

This Monday, South Korea’s Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that its Metaverse platform for public service relationships is now open to the capital’s population.

The Mayor of Seoul, Oh Se-hoon, introduced the public launch of Metaverse Seoul which according to Se-hoon is a place of communication for the region’s citizens.

Metaverse Seoul allows its users to access various public services and resources within an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment.

From its Metaverse Seoul platform, the region’s government also allows users to access famous attractions, read official documents, file complaints, and talk to officials.

Following the service’s Beta testing phase last year and its recent launch, the Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to introduce the platform and its benefits to senior citizens. The platform’s next step will allow older individuals, who may find commuting hard, to access critical governmental resources.

Seoul Metropolitan Government Taps Metaverse Tech

The journey to Seoul Metropolitan Government’s fully-fledged Metaverse service is long. The region’s government is investing significant capital into an immersive public service platform.

In September, South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Information Communications Technology dedicated roughly 2.6 trillion won ($2.2 billion) to establish hyperconnectivity technologies for Metaverse solutions.

The hyperconnectivity plan aims to spread various emerging technologies such as blockchain, the Metaverse, and cloud computing across the region.

The region is attempting to leverage immersive extended reality (XR) solutions to enhance local markets such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, and public services.

To support its Metaverse Seoul project, the region’s XR experts are providing the South Korean public with an immersive support centre that helps introduce immersive technologies for interested individuals at all levels.

Moreover, South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Information Communications Technology explained at the time that it would boost test beds for immersive solutions by 2023. Also adding that the Ministry will support local firms in developing metaverse platforms until 2025.

The hyperconnectivity plan allows the region’s government to reshape regulatory IT systems and revise cybersecurity to reflect new immersive and Metaverse services that South Korea officials will deploy at scale.

Seoul also tapped into XR solutions in July 2022 to showcase historical traditions from the Joseon Dynasty.

The immersive experience recreates Joseon-era (1392 to 1910) munition offices as digital twins, which attendees can view via a smartphone using augmented reality (AR) visualisation and real-world placement.

Additionally, South Korea’s XR community has recently continued to champion local immersive technology innovations and projects via ceremonies such as the Metabus Ceremony.



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