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Snap Unveils ARES Enterprise Tools at SPS 2023

Snap Inc wrapped up its Partner Summit (SPS 2023) on Wednesday, revealing several strategic augmented reality (AR) technologies to boost adoption for enterprises. The company’s AR Enterprise Services (ARES) received several new partnerships via the company’s Shopping Suite. The new tool allows retailers to power their websites with Snap’s class-leading AR solutions to boost brand loyalty, engagement, and sales.

Snap’s ARES Shopping Suite offers partner firms novel solutions to access real-time 3D (RT3D) content, AR try-on clothing, promotional wearables, and product recommendations.

The solution provides five tools — 3D Viewer, Fit Finder, AR Try-On, Enterprise Manager, and Hands-On Integration Services — to develop AR content and management tools. This allows firms to save money while expediting and managing creative content for customers and clients.

SNAP ARES Five-Point Solution

Snap’s AR Try-On solution leverages its clothing and accessory try-on technologies, where shoppers can upload their photos to superimpose clothing and jewellery on subjects. Shoppers can also interact with AR-powered immersive experiences included in product catalogues.

The company’s 3D Viewer interfaces RT3D content, allowing shoppers to view assets from all angles and details. Additionally, they can adopt AR try-on for their body type and size using Snap’s Fit Finder solution.

Snap’s ARES Enterprise Manager also provides a frontend dashboard and backend for developing AR content. To incorporate its Shopping Suite SDK and manage 3D asset catalogues, developers can tap Snap’s Enterprise Manager platform for real-time analytics. These will provide performance engagement insights for businesses.

Furthermore, the firm’s Hands-On Integration Services facilitate seamless onboarding, streamlining the AR enterprise journey from start to finish.

According to Snap, brands adopting immersive creative experiences were 82 percent more likely to receive recommendations, “making AR Mirrors a must-have addition to stores.”

Clients such as Nike and Men’s Wearhouse have leveraged AR Mirrors to boost engagement for in-store shoppers. Promotions for proms and weddings also benefitted from Snap’s AR tools at Men’s Wearhouse. Coca-Cola also incorporated the technologies to showcase an AR-powered vending machine.

Customers buying Coca-Cola tins could also experience AR immersive content via their smartphones and hand gestures to navigate content.

Snap ARES Expands Partnerships, Outreach

The news comes as Snap steps up its outreach, partnering with firms such as Microsoft, Tiffany & Co, Centre Pompidou, and others. Its efforts have incubated a series of use cases for its augmented technologies and grown its user base.

Working with Microsoft, Snap integrated roughly 20 AR filters on Teams to keep people engaged while on video calls. It also taps computer and mobile phone cameras and sensors to superimpose immersive content for live chats.

The tools have helped boost engagement, tackle ‘Zoom fatigue’ associated with online meetings, and connect users with poor internet connections via audio-only calls.

Regarding accessories, Snap Lens began adding ray tracing capabilities to add realism to augmented jewellery. This led to a partnership with Tiffany & Co, one of the world’s most recognisable high-end jewellery brands,  for a Snapchat-hosted gallery for its product catalogue.

Also, Snap created a mass-scale AR experience for the Centre Pompidou in Paris, where attendees of the world-famous museum could join the facility’s immersive campaigns. The AR company’s project featured artworks from Swiss-American Visual Artist Christian Marclay, receiving widespread acclaim from passersby.





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