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Sonic Frontiers developer says it isn’t an open-world game

When Sonic Frontiers debuted the primary little bits of gameplay, followers instantly drew comparisons to Breath of the Wild. It wasn’t laborious to do. We have been proven Sonic racing by way of practical, natural-looking environments, exploring nice stone artifacts that dotted the panorama. There was no timer, no counter ticking up the variety of rings acquired, simply Sonic and a seemingly open world.

And whereas Sonic Frontiers’ inventive officer Takashi Iizuka understood why, to some followers, the game appears like Sega’s late-hour try to copy BOTW’s success, it’s really nothing like that. “We’re starting a design perspective that is totally different from what other open-world games are,” Iizuka mentioned to me by way of a translator at Summer Game Fest earlier this month. “We don’t see ourselves as an open-world game.”

Iizuka advised me that the thought for Frontiers got here after Sonic Forces shipped in 2017. For 10 years, he mentioned, 3D Sonic video games had fallen into a definite sample and that the staff was “at the limit of what they can create that’s going to excite the fans.” For Frontiers, they determined to revisit an thought they’d however couldn’t execute with the expertise on the time, a sort of “open zone” idea by which Sonic wouldn’t be sure by a monitor or a pressured perspective typical to his video games at that time.

“We tried to expand on the 3D platform action gameplay from previous games in the Sonic series,” he mentioned, “and take from that linear, traditional format and expand upon it to make it a platform action game across this huge expanse of 3D environments.”

In my hands-on with the Sonic Frontiers demo, I might see that imaginative and prescient. While I don’t essentially agree that Frontiers isn’t an open-world game — it nonetheless speaks the identical open-world language of “if you see it, you can go there” — I get why Iizuka doesn’t assume so. Frontiers is a platformer like another Sonic game, however now that platforming isn’t sure by a discrete monitor you possibly can choose from a menu display screen like in Sonic video games previous. It’s as much as you to find the platforming sections by way of the exploration of the world. And with the number of new strikes in Sonic’s package, the way you journey by way of the world is as diverse because the sorts of puzzles you could find.

Taking Sonic’s wall climb or homing assault and eradicating it from an on-rails impediment course to a extra open world breathed new life into what’s been Sonic’s normal components for a decade now. Previous Sonic video games put you at a beginning line and guided you towards the end. It offered the platforming sections to you in sequence, requiring no extra thought than a button press. I actually loved the way in which Frontiers inverted that components by presenting me with a end line — like some collectible in an in any other case inaccessible place — and requiring me to work backward to determine find out how to get there. Instead of giving me a stage to run by way of, I can, basically, create one out of the panorama itself.

But all that puzzle-solving, whereas a enjoyable and intriguing new components for Sonic, is, nevertheless, regrettably gradual. A core element of Sonic’s enchantment, whether or not 2D or 3D, is “gotta go fast.” Fortunately, Iizuka and his staff added a little bit of the previous with the brand new. As Sonic works his means by way of the thriller of the island he’s trapped on, he unlocks portals to Cyber Space. In Cyber Space, Sonic Frontiers abandons the gradual, puzzle-platforming of the open zone atmosphere in favor of some good, old school on-rails Sonic pace working.

Just about any Sonic fan will inform you that Sonic Unleashed is reviled aside from its daytime ranges. The Cyber Space ranges in Frontiers really feel just like the daytime phases of Sonic Unleashed. Finish the stage whereas finishing challenges like “beat the stage in X minutes,” and Sonic shall be rewarded with gadgets he must progress.


Though I’ve solely been capable of play a demo that was about 25 minutes lengthy, I really feel that Sonic Frontiers can do for 3D Sonic video games what Sonic Mania did for the 2D ones. The open zones with the in-depth puzzle platforming and the monster battles that require Sonic to struggle more durable and extra strategically than merely unleashing a few homing assaults deliver to the franchise the precise sort of novelty Iizuka and his staff have been in search of. The Cyber Space ranges, in the meantime, incorporate the older, established type of gameplay followers proceed to get pleasure from.

Iizuka is conscious of the criticisms surrounding these first appears at Frontiers. The game does look unfinished and sparse, however he’s hopeful that when followers lastly get their fingers on the game, they’ll see the imaginative and prescient that I do.

“When people sit down and play the game, they’ll understand that it has all the Sonic essence in there,” he mentioned. “As you’re playing the game, it will feel mysterious and maybe like there’s nothing here. But as you start exploring, you’re gonna find things and have things happen that will bring you on this adventure. Hopefully, people play that experience and really enjoy it.”

Sonic Frontiers launches on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC vacation 2022.


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