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The P2E Game, Champions Ascension, Migrates to Polygon

Champions Ascension, a well-known Web3 game focused on action, is on the verge of experiencing a significant modification. According to the game’s creators, they intend to shift the game to the Polygon network, which is likely to result in several advantages for Champions Ascension players. These benefits may include reduced gas fees and quicker transaction processing times.

The ruler of Massina has recently made a statement, clarifying that the relocation has been in the works for quite some time. As per the announcement, the Emperor has been collaborating with the Bureau of Science and Alchemy to guarantee players a smooth and secure transition.

It is anticipated that the relocation will occur within the next few weeks. Gamers will have sufficient time to transfer their assets to the new system, but the game’s creators have advised them to act promptly to prevent any potential complications.

The game developers have pledged to offer incentives to players who promptly migrate to the new platform. These incentives consist of a complete visual makeover for players’ Prime Eternals and the opportunity to access the Chrono Imperium Obelisk – an ancient relic that provides valuable rewards and experiences.     


The Chrono Imperium Obelisk

Within the Chrono Imperium Obelisk, players can progress through 11 levels, starting from Acolyte and culminating in the ultimate rank of Transcendent. Each rank presents lucrative rewards, such as Imperial Gold, the game’s valuable currency, and the privilege to designate the current game era with a name of their choice.

Additionally, when players interact with the Chrono Imperium for the first time, they will be granted a one-time retroactive bonus for each of their assets. To qualify for this bonus, gamers must create a Maestro account and connect all their wallets. Establishing a Maestro account has several perks, such as granting players access to all of their Champions from a single gaming account.

By creating a Maestro account, players can efficiently handle their assets and obtain rewards without difficulty. Furthermore, every Champion that a player adds and maintains in their Maestro account will enable them to enjoy the rewards of the Chrono Imperium in the future. This incentivizes players to continue participating in the game and collecting new Champions.

The game creators have disclosed that they will provide every master account with five hours of complimentary gameplay via cloud streaming assistance, catering to players who may lack access to a top-of-the-line computer. This measure simplifies players’ ability to access the game and acquire rewards, regardless of their technical configuration.    

The P2E Game, Champions Ascension, Migrates to Polygon

Final Verdict

The forthcoming transfer to the Polygon network is a thrilling development that is predicted to offer numerous perks to Champions Ascension gamers. The game will enjoy several advantages, such as lower gas fees and faster transaction processing times, which will enhance the accessibility and entertainment value of the game for players.

The inclusion of the Chrono Imperium and the associated rewards is predicted to provide an additional motivation for players to persevere in playing and gathering new Champions. The Champions Ascension developers seem devoted to ensuring that the game remains an entertaining and gratifying experience for players, and the migration is a significant move towards that objective.



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