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Top Tips for Successfully Entering the XR Awards 2023

Last week we opened applications for the second annual XR Awards 2023!

To celebrate the showcase, the XR Awards is hosting a panel of immersive industry experts who will help decide the winners of each category.

XR Today is encouraging international AR/VR/MR firms to enter as soon as possible to showcase their most notable XR innovations, products, and individuals across the past year.

Don’t forget applications for the XR Awards 2023 end on 31 March, and XR Today will announce the finalists on 5 May, ready for the online ceremony event on 25 May 2023.

Getting the Most out of your Application

The XR Awards are about showcasing unique and innovative XR firms and products. So, applications must grab our judges’ attention to stand out from the pack.

To assist participating firms, XR Today is providing some top tips for optimising an XR Awards application:

  • Enter Specific Details: Answer questions carefully and thoughtfully. Don’t just copy/paste the content in your marketing brochure. Go into detail about why you’re the best in your category and why you deserve your chosen award.
  • Know Your Category: We’ve had a lot of great entries in the past where the product or service being promoted didn’t quite fit the category the company was applying for. Make sure you’re applying for the relevant award.
  • Show Some Personality: We like our applications to sound personal and authentic. Add your unique tone of voice into the mix, don’t be afraid to show some emotion and personality. Our judges know how to spot basic copied/pasted text.
  • Be Careful about Who You Quote: Remember, the XR Award judges are industry analysts, so it might be best to avoid quoting other analysts when making your case. If you want to include quotes in your application, we suggest making them from happy customers!
  • Show Your Best Side: Don’t list everything you can do on your application, focus on showing us what you do best. Highlight the unique selling point that differentiates you from other XR brands.

Moreover, don’t trip up on common mistakes! For instance, including numerous external links and attachments in your submission is usually not a good idea. You should also stick to the word limit and avoid using too much sales-speak – you’re not selling your product to us.

More on the XR Awards 2023

Each XR Awards category evaluates individual XR marketplace segments, including different verticals, technology sectors, and use cases.

The categories include:

  • XR Leader of the Year
  • Rising Star – Organization – FREE
  • Rising Star – Individual – FREE
  • Most Innovative Product
  • Best Virtual Reality Solution
  • Best Augmented Reality Solution
  • Best Mixed Reality Solution
  • Best Metaverse Solution
  • Best Healthcare Solution
  • Best Education and Training Solution
  • Best AEC Solution
  • Best Manufacturing & Industrial Solution
  • Best Field Service Solution
  • Best Automotive Solutio
  • Best Retail and eCommerce Solution
  • Best Immersive Collaboration Solution
  • Best Art and Entertainment Solution

XR Awards 2023 applicaiton close on 31 March. To enter, refer to the XR Awards application form.



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