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Varjo, FORCE Technology’s Cost Effective Maritime XR Training Platform

Varjo, a manufacturer and innovator of MR headsets, is a joint partner in many enterprise-grade immersive operations, notably vehicle training and simulation.

Varjo released a report highlighting a recent partner success story with FORCE Technology to provide cost-efficient maritime immersive training solutions.

FORCE Technology develops VR and MR solutions for the maritime industry. The company has designed several innovative training solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

The maritime simulation firm distributes its XR maritime training service on Varjo headsets to add depth and realism. FORCE also designed its immersive training application on Unity, ready for Varjo distribution.

Jan Michelsen, Director of Department, Simulation, Ports & Training at FORCE Technology, added:

Our headset-based training solution represents a generational evolution in maritime training. I believe this will become the industry gold standard in the future.

Varjo, FORCE Technolgy for Immersive Training

FORCE Technology services can train seafarers in various maritime skills, including navigation, firefighting, and emergency procedures.

Jan Michelsen also added:

The advantages are clear, and the industry-leading visual quality of Varjo headsets make them the perfect fit for our needs.

One of FORCE Technology’s maritime simulations training services for Varjo devices is its Virtual Bridge Simulator, a fully immersive VR training environment that allows seafarers to practice operating a ship’s bridge in a safe and controlled environment.

Moreover, the simulator can train seafarers on various bridge operations, including navigation, communication, and safety procedures. The company’s service can also replicate real-world maritime hazards.

FORCE Technology’s immersive training solutions are helping to revolutionize maritime training by providing a more immersive, realistic, and cost-effective training environment. FORCE Technology is also helping improve marine operations’ safety and efficiency.

Improving Traning Efficiency

Immersive solutions can provide a significant improvement over traditional maritime training solutions. Traditional marine training methods can be costly and time-consuming, costing around $1 -10 million.

While immersive solutions can also offer a wide range of training needs, from basic safety procedures to advanced navigation techniques.

VR and MR solutions can create a fully immersive learning environment that allows trainees to experience real-world scenarios in a safe, repeatable, and controlled environment. Moreover, it can help trainees develop the skills and confidence for performing jobs safely and effectively.

Moreover, immersive solutions can significantly reduce the cost of maritime training. This is because they do not require expensive equipment or facilities, and they can be used to train large numbers of people simultaneously.

Varjo and FORCE can also secure maritime trainees with a safer training environment for practising dangerous procedures, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Other Varjo Success Stories

Varjo is experienced in working with numerous international enterprise end-users.

Varjo’s partners have ranged across various verticals, all providing suitable usage and returns on investment.

In April, Varjo partnered with Twinmotion, a real-time 3D (RT3D) visualization software under Epic Games, to revolutionize how AEC designers create and visualize their work. The partnership combines Varjo’s high-fidelity headsets with Twinmotion’s powerful real-time rendering engine to create an immersive and realistic design experience.

With Varjo’s VR headsets, AEC designers can edit their creations virtually. The Varjo headsets provide a wide field of view, high-resolution displays, and accurate tracking, assisting designers in VR creation.

Varjo also teamed up with Phiaro, a French automotive engineering company, in March to enhance design processes.

The partnership will allow Phiaro to use Varjo headsets to create immersive and realistic virtual prototypes of vehicles, allowing engineers to test and evaluate designs in a safe and controlled environment without needing physical prototypes.

In the same month, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB) partnered with Varjo to debut an immersive opera experience of acclaimed production: Turandot from classic composers Giacomo Puccini and Franco Alfano.

The production premiered in person on January 27, 2022, and is broadcast in VR via a Varjo-powered immersive environment. Zoan created a digital twin of the opera stage using Unreal engine to provide a photorealistic and RT3D XR stage.

The UK’s National Highways (NH), a governmental highway authority responsible for maintaining and operating the country’s motorways and major A roads, also partnered with Varjo and MXT to develop an MR training platform for its frontline workers.

The MR platform uses Varjo’s XR-3 headsets to provide a realistic and immersive training environment. The headsets’ high-resolution displays and eye-tracking technology allow users to interact with virtual objects and perform training operations.

The MR platform is being used to train NH’s frontline workers on various tasks, including road safety, incident management, emergency response, and asset inspection.

According to the partners, the platform also effectively improved the skills and knowledge of NH’s frontline workers. The service was also cost-effective, as it could train multiple workers simultaneously.



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