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Why Invest In Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)?

Since the game was announced, Meta Masters Guild has generated a lot of buzz among veteran P2E specialists, and many of them are eager to discover what the first Web3 project designed just for mobile devices has to offer. For one, Meta emphasizes the development of fun and simple-to-play games in order to build a devoted community. 

Developers make sure that players can’t just abandon the project so quickly by doing this. The company is currently working on a number of games, some of which are already in the final phases of production, including Meta Masters World, Meta Kart Racers, and NFT raid.

In addition to the additional games planned, MEMAG is also enticing other game publishers to release titles on their platform. The $MEMAG native token, which will be utilized for all in-game transactions, will be the engine that propels the ecosystem.

MEMAG has recently ended their presale, and they raised over $4.950 M. Also, investors seem to think you won’t find a deal this fantastic soon.

Why Buy MEMAG?

The Best Value for Your Money

MEMAG’s first presale purchasers have already realized a staggering 200% return on their investment (ROI). Given that the project has not even been released to the market, this is a sizable profit.

For those who did not get a chance to buy during the first presale, there is still time. Until the next price hike, purchasing the MEMAG token at the rate of 0.021 USDT would yield a ROI of more than 10% in a week or less. And this is only the start, as many anticipate returns of 30x to 60x as when the game is out.

Experience-Specific Mobile Gaming

The primary P2E issue is that developers place too much emphasis on the earning instead of the playing aspects of play-to-earn, which causes enormous value spikes and even greater drops when players begin selling their assets.

MEMAG solved that by concentrating largely on the gameplay by developing a variety of entertaining games with exceptional graphics performance using blockchain and Web3 technologies.

Everything will be integrated into a single ecosystem that is only reachable via a mobile device. As the year progresses, the value of the MEMAG price will certainly increase by 20–40 times due to the combination of these attributes.

MEMAG’s $100,000 Prize Draw

Focusing on the players was the driving principle behind the creation of Meta Masters Guild. And to support these claims, they have organized a $100,000 MEMAG token giveaway.

A chance to enter this kind offer is available to anyone who owns at least one $MEMAG token. Easy tasks like following MEMAG on Twitter will earn several entries for participants.

The Token is Audited and Verified 

The highly unpredictable and unregulated nature of the cryptocurrency market is among its main drawbacks since it encourages fraud and other dirty tricks. Because of this, it is crucial that any project’s development staff be open to queries from players and transparent.

By providing investors with clarity and openness, the team behind the Meta Maters Guild could be a model for other P2E marketplaces.

Investment Not Necessary

The MEMAG creators also addressed another issue that P2E platforms produce in their project: high access fees for the games. Many individuals who might otherwise be interested in playing a particular P2E game are afraid to commit a significant amount of money into something they are unfamiliar with or only vaguely familiar with.

The company came up with a solution for this by making the games available for free download so that everyone could start playing and earning right away. 

By doing this, MEMAG will be able to attract a sizable player base that is more committed to the project than players who had to make a large initial commitment. This is one of the key causes for the predictions made by crypto specialists that MEMAG would blow up as soon as it hits the exchange shelves.




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