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ZERO10, Tommy Hilfiger Demo AR Try-On Displays

Augmented reality (AR) company ZERO10 has teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, and other major brands to demo AR Try-On technologies.

The new displays will use ZERO10’s top technologies to promote the Tommy X Shawn Classics Reborn collection. Users have been demoing the AR try-on technologies at Tommy Hilfiger’s physical locations to engage with the company’s clothing product lineup digitally.

ZERO10’s app has provided digital twins of the clothing lineup since March this year. Conversely, Tommy Hilfiger clothing stores in London, Berlin, and Milan have also rolled out the solution.

The displays will offer ten digital designs to demo photorealistic clothing try-ons, with three including AR animations.

George Yashin, Chief Executive, ZERO10 said that after developing the solution for roughly two years.

The latest solution was a “significant step for ZERO10 to finally bring the AR Mirror to the real world and provide new experiences for retail,” he added.

He added,

“We believe that collaborations with innovative brands like Tommy Hilfiger will help to accelerate changes in the industry. Following our main concept of where the future is here, we believe that AR technology could be utilized by brands now to implement new approaches into their businesses and gain credibility among the new generations of customers”

He concluded that the company would expand its solutions with AR Storefronts and other interactive sales points.

ZERO10 AR Storefront, Try-On

The news comes after a massive shift in the retail market following the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous stores continue the AR try-on fashion trend to engage shoppers and reduce clothing returns.

According to ZERO10, phygital technologies such as its AR Storefront and AR Mirror are allowing retailers to tap versatile retail solutions. In-store engagement has seen a healthy jump with the interactive storefront tools.

AR Storefront engages passersby with AR-powered ‘window shopping,’ allowing people to interact with digital garments before entering brick-and-mortar stores.

Conversely, AR Mirror advances this by offering AR try-on experiences for shoppers to offer them the right fit for their outfits. This frees up space for fitting rooms and provides a better overview of their purchases.

Younger generations have found the solutions attractive as they move to immersive, tech-powered shopping experiences. Retailers also benefit from such technologies by monitoring purchasing metrics and boosting brand loyalty for customers.

The Future of Fashion?

The news follows a recent survey of brands installing the interfaces in their stores, where ZERO10 noted AR try-on experiences significantly boosted consumer engagement and sales volumes.

Citing figures from the survey, the two AR technologies boosted in-store visitor traffic by 1.6 times. AR Mirror also increased interest in purchases by more than three times compared to traditional advertising.

Additionally, social media engagement skyrocketed as 40 percent of visitors took photos at AR Mirror displays.

The insights follow efforts from multiple big brands in the retail space, including Estee Lauder, PUMA, and Hugo Boss. The retail giants partnered with AR companies Snap, ARTISANT, and Reactive Reality, respectively.

On the sidelines of the Metaverse Fashion Week, XR Today spoke with Reactive Reality’s Johanna Böhm-Eberlein to discuss how augmented fashion empowers the retail industry. Further interviews with ARTISANT’s Leila Ismailova provided insights into AR fashion and design at last year’s XR Summit.




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